Water Damages Kitchen Cabinets More Than You Think

Water Damages Kitchen Cabinets More Than You Think

Any kind of paint is dissolved when in touch with water. Water is the best solvent there is, it can dissolve anything given enough time.

The type of paint does matter but not to the extent where you have to overpay. Almost all paint on kitchen furniture, both the most expensive and the cheapest one, is dissolved over time, and the difference is negligible.

The designer’s job

Before any kind of kitchen renovation your designer must go over the things you need to know before getting started. One of those things is that consumers should take care of the cabinets by not letting them be in contact with water for extended periods of time.

And the fact that ruined furniture with clear signs of water damage is not warranted. No company can warranty damaged furniture because of the unawareness of the consumer.

Our company’s designers are all professionally qualified. They will not only give you knowledge of how to choose good furniture but also the downsides and even bad things to be aware of.

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