Kitchen Cabinets: What’s Newest Trends In Kitchen 2023

Kitchen Cabinets: What’s Newest Trends In Kitchen 2023

7 bright trends and 3 actual styles

Working with space, radius sets and comfortable minimalism – we tell you what awaits us in fashionable kitchen design in 2023 and what styles will be relevant.

Trends change every year, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to make repairs and update the interior just as often. In this article, we have collected the most striking trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season. You will also find a selection of styles that will not lose their relevance in the coming years.

Main trends Kitchen Design 2023:

– Single space

– Comfortable colors

– Rounded silhouettes

– Compact cooking zone

– Two colors or textures

– Natural decor

– no dining table

Actual styles:

— Minimalism

— Ecostyle

— Neoclassic

#1: Single space

You won’t surprise anyone with a combined kitchen-living room – the fashion trend has long passed into the category of classics. The concept of a single space within which you can cook, communicate with family or friends, work and relax is firmly established both in the minds of people and in the layouts of new apartments.

The main idea is unity. Do not pile up walls and partitions, do not block the light, do not split the room into small cramped areas. This is especially important for small apartments, where you need to create the illusion of a spacious room.

The main problem of such a neighborhood is that sounds and smells from the cooking area will also hover in the living room. The problem is solved by a powerful hood and good ventilation. If you cook a lot, and you need to create privacy in the hall, you can use light partitions, preferably transparent or at least letting in light. The best options are glass screens, mobile screens and slatted structures.

#2: Comfortable color | Newest Trends In Kitchen

Another long-term trend that is unlikely to lose popularity in the near future.

But if in the past few years neutral natural tones, especially white and gray, have been an obvious trend, now the direction is changing a bit. There are two categories of cozy, eye-friendly and brain-friendly color schemes for the kitchen.

Warm base:

First of all, these are all kinds of beige variations: from a light shade of sand dunes or delicate creamy to a denser wheaten.






Creme brulee


Milk chocolate, etc.

The most popular choice is a combo of beige and light gray, which can be further diluted with a warm white base or, conversely, accents. It turns out an airy and light design with a nod to the Scandinavian style.

Feel free to add to the palette:

Blue and cyan. Any variations will do: shades of the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, thunderclouds, indigo, the sky on a sunny day, cornflower blue.

Orange and yellow. Do not be afraid of the shades of the soil: terracotta, ocher, clay, brick, the color of the southern scorched earth will make the interior more comfortable. Sunny yellow or a shade of melted butter will cope with the same task.

Red. Choose deep wine, pomegranate and berry shades.

Green. For facades, a sage color with a gray fade (for a lighter color scheme) or a deep and warm tone of olive oil (for a darker one) is suitable. They can also be used as accents.

#3: Rounded silhouettes | Newest Trends In Kitchen

Soft smooth lines and rounded shapes are the global trend of 2023. It also manifests itself in the fashionable design of kitchens.

But if in the living room or bedroom it is clear how to implement it – curved sofas, shell chairs, round carpets, soft headboards – then in the cooking area we are used to seeing designs with right angles. But now, projects are beginning to actively use sets with radius facades, rounded islands, curved lines in decorative elements, and arched shapes. And finally, there is an easy way to soften the interior – put a round or oval table in the dining area.

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