Cambria Countertops


Natural quartz, which is sourced from granite, is combined with a resin that acts as a binder and colorant to create a Cambria kitchen countertop. Therefore, the countertop is called quartz. Similar to a granite countertop, this procedure creates a durable, low-maintenance, high-performance surface.

With a wide and expanding color palette and alluring patterns not seen in other quartz countertop manufacturers, Cambria countertops provide plenty of creative flexibility.

Like granite, slabs are either 2 cm or 3 cm thick, and laminated countertop edges may have edges as large as 6 cm. This range allows for a variety of edge designs, such as intricate, “fancy,” and slab-like edges.

The Best Kitchen Cambria Countertop Models

Cambria is a great material for kitchen islands, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities. You can also cover walls and showers with tiles.

Our Cambria Cambria Countertop Models
1. Annicca
2. Archdale Slab
3. Bentley
4. Big Sur Mist Gensler
5. Brittanicca Gold
6. Brittanicca Warm
7. Brittanicca
8. Clovelly
9. Dovedale
10. Dovestone
11. Ella
12. Foggy City Gensler
13. Gladstone
14. Ironsbridge
15. Kirkstead
16. Malvern
17. Nadenbrook
18. Newport
19. Portrush
20. Queensbury
21. Risegate
22. Rose Bay
23. Rosedale
24. Salt Lake Gensler
25. Seacourt
26. Snowdon White
27. Summerbrook
28. Torquay
29. Travella
30. Whitendale

Cambria kitchen countertops cannot be utilized outdoors for an outdoor kitchen, like all manufactured quartz surfaces. When exposed to sunlight and UV radiation, the glue holding the quartz together will become yellow. As many people believe, quartz countertops are not completely damage-proof.

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