Kitchen Furnitures And Their Colors, Materials

Kitchen Furnitures And Their Colors, Materials

The area to be used for decoration will be efficient with the choice of suitable furniture. The kitchens will be able to transform into areas where they can spend more enjoyable time. By the main time it becomes much functional and comfortable.

Dffrent Colors

For the most beautiful kitchen designs, lots of color combinations are available for kitchen furnitures. So, red and white color adaptations can be a modern choice and create high energy areas. the stove can be positioned on the island-shaped worktop, which is created toward the center of the kitchens, and the extra areas of use may be obtained by modern lines. Small shelves placed between the cupboards can be used in accessories. And special models can be created with esthetically small touches as well as functionality.


Using wood materials are also among the best-liked kitchen designs, and esthetic fit caught with curtains. Chandeliers and carpets in appropriate tones helps you create your own unique spaces in kitchens.
The flux Swing’s highly sophisticated and modern design is developed in detail, including the special styling of doors and assembly elements, a special integrated flush shroud, a sliding band-like element that combines the kitchen with the living room, the perfect silhouette of the breakfast counter and peninsula. The flux Swing combines style and functionality to achieve the perfect balance of components, volumes, proportions, shapes and finishes.

Foodshelf is an innovative response to contemporary home design solutions where the kitchen and living space are more fluid and multifunctional. Like the latest generation of bookshelves, Foodshelf cuisine offers a “new horizontal linearity”. A number of wooden view shelves are designed that take different functions across the entire length of the kitchen and living area, at various points (such as the bench, the strip under the main units or under the wall units and on the shelves above them). The design concept also maintains its modular structure, allowing the kitchen to be “graphic”-blocked

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