The Most Ideal Design for Living Room Decorations

The Most Ideal Design for Living Room Decorations

What is the most ideal design for living room? Designing a living room in soothing pastel colors and without designer frills is a time-tested good solution. If you want to add accents to the break room and make the interior different, you should take a closer look at the good ideas that are rarely used for decorating the living room. We have collected such techniques in the article.

#1: Paint moldings in a contrasting color

Moldings no longer surprise anyone, but most often they are painted in the same color as the wall. Try to choose a contrasting shade for moldings – this way you will make the wall more voluminous, emphasizing the geometry of the room. This technique is good to use if this color is repeated somewhere else in the interior, for example, on curtains.

#2: Put the sofa in the center of the room

The sofa is usually the largest item in the living room, try not to put it against the wall, but place it in the center of the room. This technique works successfully in spacious living rooms. In this way, you can make the soft zone more private. And use the passage behind the sofa as an additional scenario for moving around the room, without disturbing the meeting at the coffee table.

most ideal design for living room

#3: Hang mirrors on the walls

Use mirrors as wall decor. In small rooms, this will greatly increase the space visually. You can go the other way, less functional – to make a wall of decorated mirrors (for example, aged ones). This will create an interesting accent. At the same time, it is important not to leave him alone, but to support him with decor items.

most ideal design for living room

#4: Combine two types of wallpaper on one wall | Most Ideal Design for Living Room

Try to combine two types of wallpaper on the same wall. Highlight the desired fragment of the wall with wallpaper with a pattern, or beat the protrusions in this way. With a sufficient ceiling height, you can also divide the wall into parts by pasting a strip of wallpaper of a different color on top or bottom, separating different rolls with a border.

#5: Order a large painting | Most Ideal Design for Living Room

To decorate the walls, try using large-sized interior paintings. This technique is only suitable for a spacious room, otherwise the picture will “eat” the entire space of the room. Interior paintings can be commissioned by the artist – in the chosen style and colors of the room, to fit perfectly into the design of the living room. But also pick up from ready-made works, for example, in online galleries. You can place such a picture both on the wall and placing it directly on the floor. At the same time, the interior items nearby should match. A small sofa and a huge picture will look ridiculous.

#6: Decorate walls with 3D panels | Most Ideal Design for Living Room

Try using 3D panels as an accent on the wall. They come in different sizes, colors, shapes. The panels make the walls voluminous, with their help you can both disguise the object and make it accent. They do not require special care, it is enough to prevent moisture ingress and wipe dust with a dry soft cloth. 3D gypsum panels can be easily repainted if you are tired of the color and want novelty in the interior.

most ideal design for living room

#7: Use bright colors

Use bright colors in the interior, but the main thing is to keep the balance, because the living room is still a restroom. If it is difficult to work with wall colors, it is better to use them in small quantities: buy a bright sofa or chairs, and support them with a few decor items.

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