How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Actually Take?

Kitchen Renovation Might Take Longer Than You Think

Before anything you should plan out what and how will be renovated. One of the most common mistakes is that people start demolishing their kitchen before they even have designed or properly measured the furniture. That is the most time consuming error long-term. What is done to speed up things doesn’t necessarily mean that it will save you time.


Remodeling or a renovation done by a professional will not only save you from future headaches but also guarantee safety of your planned budget. The companies that truly care for their customers and the services they provide will have a realistic and defined plan as follows:


  • Week 1: Measurement of the kitchen by a professional designer
  • Week 2-4: The owner and the designer discuss the drafts of designs, timeframe, budget. Homeowners are offered different designs of cabinet lines, door styles, finished and polishing, and prices.
  • Week 4-6: The design choices are solidified. Some pre-orders are bidded and getting contracted.
  • Week 6-8: Major design decisions are set and finalized. Cabinets are ordered.
  • Week 10: The order delivery time varies but usually around 10th week most of the appliance is ready.
  • Week 10-12: Demolition and then installation begins.
  • Week 12-16: Most of the installation is complete and small touches are left.
  • Week 16-20: There are usually small parts left to be changed that can only be revealed over time. In this period of time is when those corrections are made.



This is how much time most of the renovations take, around 4-6 months.

Being aware of the timeframe and having professionals help you prevents unnecessary blocks. You can contact us to get professional help and renovate your kitchen!


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