Are All Painted Cabinets Water Damaged ?

Are All Painted Cabinets Water Damaged ?

The painted finish on every cabinet brand is easily damaged by water. MLKD hasn’t noticed a difference in paint durability between the least expensive brands we carry to the most expensive. They are all easily damaged by ANY standing water left on the cabinetry for any significant length of time. Consumers have unrealistic expectations about the finish on their painted cabinetry. They believe that painted finish should be as durable and water resistant as the stained finishes they are used to. This is NEVER the case.

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An entire cabinet repair industry has sprouted up with expert refinishers that can repair/touch up kitchens inexpensively. Customers that are hard on cabinetry should be aware that painted cabinetry is easily damaged by water. MDF, HDF, and Duraform particle board cabinet doors are especially vulnerable, unlike wood painted cabinets, that are impossible to repair. Every kitchen designer is responsible for educating customers on what to expect from the materials and finishes they choose.

When consumers complain about problems that are routine in a kitchen renovation they should have expected, it’s a symptom of having worked with a less professional kitchen designer.

Signs of water damaged Cabinets:

Different cabinet materials show water damage in different ways. For example, the first giveaway for telling if MDF cabinets are water damaged is if they are swollen in some places. When these types of cabinets have water seeping into them for an extended period, the layers inside the cabinets will become saturated with water and expand. When this happens, your kitchen cabinets will have a bubbled look where damage has been done making them look bad.

One way to tell that wood cabinets have been water damaged is if they are losing their finish or become lighter or darker in color. When a wood cabinet has water sitting on it for a while, the water will start to make the finish of the wood fade and make noticeable marks on the cabinet. If you notice discoloration of your wooden cabinets, it is most likely because you have had water sitting in one place for too long. The issue may be a leaking sink, water coming in from outdoors, or just the occasional splash of water hitting your cabinets over years of time.

How to prevent water damage:

Sometimes it is difficult to prevent water damage as you may not always know that it is happening. The cause of the damage could have been a leak in your kitchen faucet… That you didn’t know was there until your cabinets have been soaking in water for several hours or days. This is mostly uncontrollable and sometimes these cases can happen. However, you can prevent your cabinets from receiving water damage… When it comes from small instances of letting water sit on your cabinet surfaces without wiping it up. If you notice that you have spilled water onto the front of your cabinets when washing the dishes… Always make sure to wipe away excess water!

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