Best Design For Kitchen Project

Best Design For Kitchen Project

During the day, we often visit our kitchens, which are our indispensable stopping points. Kitchens are a part of our home, where we cook, eat, and even socialize with our family and friends most of the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, our expectation from our kitchen is that it should look clean, spacious and beautiful to our eyes in Jul.

This special part of our home should be a place where we relax sometimes and enjoy sometimes. As it was feared, it is not very difficult to make our kitchen stylish.After reading this article, you will be enlightened by noticing the mistakes you have made so far and you will immediately start preparing for changes. Remember that we are always a phone call away for your consultation.

Working Triangle At Our Kitchen

The working triangle is the name we give to the triangle covering cooker, sink and refrigerator in your kitchen. Also it is very important that this working triangle does not exceed 6 meters in terms of our comfort, practical mobility and saving time. As can be understood from our address as a triangle, we need to place this trio consisting of a refrigerator, cooker and sink in a way that forms a triangle.

That’s why the first rule you should pay attention to is not to put these units side by side. For example… You have an U-shaped kitchen, you can place the refrigerator and cooker opposite and place your sink on the otherside. So if you have an L-shaped kitchen: you can place the sink and refrigerator on one side. Then place the cooker on the otherside. In corridor-shaped kitchens, furnace and refrigerator are positioned on the continuation of the same counter. So it would be better to prefer the sink on the opposite counter.

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