Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen Remodeling Project

With the help of an architect or designer, instead of realizing the designs of your dreams, you can design at home with your own means. Draw Your Own Kitchen is an application whose idea has been realized with years of experience in mind. The shape of your kitchen; I, L, U or corridor can be shaped like a kitchen. If you want to create a kitchen in the form of an island or a half-island, before starting the design, you should decide on its shape. The measurements of the area covered by your kitchen are effective in choosing the floor covering. After choosing the type of kitchen, all the accessories and materials related to the kitchen come to you.

Kitchen Redomeling Project

Thanks to the kitchen remodeling program, the kitchen cabinet drawing also belongs to you completely along with the models. Thanks to the wide range of colors, you have the opportunity to reveal exactly the kitchen of your dreams. You can determine the future wall of the kitchen countertop by the place where the plumbing comes from. If you want a long cabinet, you can place it to the right or left of the countertop.

You can choose the kitchen cabinets in the lower unit in the same color as the kitchen cabinets in the upper unit, as well as you can achieve harmony by choosing from different colors. And you will have the opportunity to adjust the dimensions of the cabinets yourself according to the wall size. You can also change the location of the cabinet hinges according to the usage situation and test how the cabinets open and close by creating animations. Seeing the comfort of use in 3 dimensions helps at the idea-giving stage. With the application that offers you the trending accessory selections of the season for free, you can also place the handles of the kitchen cabinets wherever you want.

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