How Can I Make My Home More Useful ?

How Can I Make My Home More Useful ?

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect, just meaningful. I believe a home should be your personal sanctuary and enable meaningful living.

By this I mean simplifying life to be able to enjoy the experiences and people that make it wonderful, and become so fulfilled that you overflow and give that joy to others around you as well.

10 Tips To Make Your Home More Useful:

#1. Choose calm colors

Colors that are soothing will help your whole home feel calm, and therefore give YOU an immediate sense of calm when you walk into your space. Light, calm colors on the walls also act as a backdrop to display the beautiful and meaningful things you display in your home. You want your eye to go to that jar of sea glass from your vacation or the books you absolutely love – not the dramatic color on the wall! I highly recommend painting your whole home in a light and soothing soft white or off-white shade.

#2. Purge, purge and purge some more

Donate anything that you do not use regularly or that is not absolutely beautiful and/or meaningful in your eyes. Then put simple systems in place to keep the things you keep organized and functional so that your life at home is never frustrating. Everything should have its place!

#3. Bring in natural elements

Every home should have something natural in it like living plants, flowers, natural wood or stone, or even branches or driftwood. When these things delight our senses on a daily basis it helps to ground us and renew our energy.

How Can I Make My Home More Useful ?

#4. Carve out a special spot just for you

Whether it’s an art studio or a chair for reading, each person in your household should have a spot in the home that’s their own feel-good place to unwind. It should be comfortable and restorative. That means if everyone is fighting over the one comfy chair in the family room, sell the uncomfortable couch and bring in more comfy chairs!

#5. Bring special items out in the open

Don’t make your space a slave to design rules – a room should contain personal items that make you happy and are meaningful to you!

Hang your favorite piece of art, whether it’s the kids’ drawings, a family heirloom or a crazy abstract piece sculpture that makes you smile.

Have photos out of those you love.

Use items bought on trips or special occasions as functional items – ex. a bowl in the entryway for keys.

Stack up your favorite books on the couch, or display some on the coffee table.

Bring your pretty antique chest or bench out from the storage room. If it elicits warm memories you should have it out to remind!

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