An Idea About Kitchen Renovation 2023

An Idea About Kitchen Renovation 2023

A modern kitchen design is an elegant combination of simplicity and practicality. Nowadays trends are muted shades, noble matte texture and minimalistic solutions. We tell you how to easily choose a trendy kitchen among a variety of styles and materials.

Trending Styles:

The modern design of the kitchen combines external conciseness and thoughtful ergonomics. Graceful simplicity, straight thin lines, laconic accents have returned to fashion. Furniture compositions in which these elements presented are elegant and comfortable, and it will not be difficult to choose the right kitchen. In 2023, the following styles are at the peak of trends: modern, neoclassical, Scandinavian and minimalism.

Modern Style:

Modern style kitchen – a combination of discreet design and practicality of use. It style does not recognize a clear style framework, it combines the features of a variety of trends: minimalism, scandi, loft, hi-tech, neoclassicism. This is a unique new interior trend that allows you to design dissimilar, very functional interiors. From each of its predecessors, modern style in 2023 has taken the best to help create a cozy, beautiful interior for comfort and relaxation.

A distinctive feature of the modern style is that it is ideal for creating a harmonious interior in tiny studios, as well as in spacious kitchen-living rooms and open-plan apartments. By designing a kitchen in a modern style, it is easy to create compact sets for small spaces. And if the area of ​​​​the room is large, the interior can be expanded and supplemented with a bar counter or an island, a dining area, a work area and a sofa for relaxing.

Scandinavian Style:

Scandinavian style is one of the top kitchen trends for 2023. Scandi is based on a combination of white surfaces with light wooden elements. Headsets in this northern style look airy, elegant, they are very comfortable and functional.

An absolute taboo for the Scandinavian style is expensive luxurious jewelry, bright colors and gilding. Scandi is grace and seeming carelessness. In the interior of the kitchen, such “non-ideality” is very practical: even a small mess created during cooking does not spoil the atmosphere.

The concept of “northern design” combines restraint, loyalty to traditions and a reverent attitude towards nature. Textured surfaces, muted fabrics, natural light – all this makes the interior warm and lively. The surrounding space is easy to change, periodically rearranging the furniture, experimenting with textiles and adding interesting accents, such as an unusual lamp, an author’s vase, a wall panel or a cozy blanket.

Minimalism Style | Idea About Kitchen Renovation

Fashionable kitchens in 2023 look very concise and stylish. Their sign is the purity of the lines and the absence of unnecessary details. Even the handles are integrated and become an organic part of the straight, smooth facades. By saving space on the decor, the maximum amount of free space for living is achieved.

The change of fashionable vector to minimalism is dictated by life itself. The most valuable thing for us is time, and it takes a lot of it to clean carved cornices and decorative elements. The simplicity of the facade is the ease of cleaning and many more free hours for your favorite activities.

One of the important features of the layout of a minimalistic kitchen is the right lighting, which visually expands the space even more. Different areas of the kitchen are equipped with separate lighting fixtures: spotlights above the dining group, LED lights in the work area, decorative and functional lighting in the storage area. Dispersed lighting is a trend in 2023. It is important that diffused soft lighting turns the kitchen into a cozy chamber space in the evenings.

Neoclassic Style | Idea About Kitchen Renovation

Keeping up with the 2023 fashion for practical use, neoclassicism combines straight facades and the characteristic relief of a classic style with modern and functional solutions: thoughtful storage systems, high-tech appliances, and bright elements. This mix helps the kitchen look fresh and stylish.

Neoclassicism is characterized by:

– single color scheme

– lack of bright knock-out details,

– materials imitating natural

– quality fill lighting.

Accents of novelty in neoclassicism are usually functional: glass hobs, modern chrome faucets, latest generation appliances.

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