Redo Your Cabinets And Kitchen With More Painting

Redo Your Cabinets And Kitchen With More Painting

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You’re ready to begin your kitchen renovation and see your vision come to life! And while it’s true kitchen renovations in Calgary offer a great ROI, renovation costs can also get out of hand. So how can you get the kitchen makeover you’ve dreamed of and save money?

Elegant Kitchen & Bath can save you money by refinishing or refacing your cabinets (instead of installing brand-new ones) while also providing other renovation services. With them, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Cabinet makeovers:

A major part of any kitchen renovation is cabinetry. This can also be the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation. However, most homeowners don’t just want to replace their cabinets. They want to have room left in the budget for other upgrades. This is where cabinet refinishing, also known as cabinet painting, comes in.

If your cabinets are in decent shape, do not have Thermofoil coating over MDF, or are made from particle board with a laminate coating, your cabinets can be repainted! Can Do More Painting – Renovation and Design will take your cabinets through a thorough preparation process. From there, they will repaint or restain your cabinet doors and all visible parts of your cabinetry. The result is a fresh, brand-new look that is a fraction of the cost of a cabinet replacement.

Think you might want a little more of a cabinet upgrade? Can do More Painting – Renovation and Design also offers cabinet refacing. In other words, when your cabinet boxes are in good shape but your doors need a little more love, they can replace the doors and drawer fronts. Then, a matching veneer or stain is applied to the exposed panels and frames to complete the look. The result will be cost-effective and stunning.

Kitchen upgrades:

Cabinet refinishing or refacing will take your kitchen a long way. However, you may want more in your remodel and have some great kitchen renovation ideas. It can be hard to find a company in Northern Virginia that can do both cabinet refinishing or refacing and other kitchen upgrades.

They do everything from design services to putting in new countertops and backsplashes, new sinks, and more.Elegant Kitchen & Bath can help you see the potential in your kitchen. They are also proud to be able to offer a range of kitchen renovation services to their clients.

Fresh paint:

Last but certainly not least, a kitchen renovation would not be complete without a magnificent paint job. If your cabinets are getting the makeover they deserve, and you are outfitting your kitchen with other upgrades, the new paint will bring in that final wow.

We can help select paint and roll on fresh, new coats to brighten your walls and modernize your spaces. They can also apply new trim and interior door paint in your kitchen.



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