Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Renovating a kitchen should be a slow and methodical process. Rushing decisions when it comes to anything from flooring color to cabinet style can often lead to regret and unhappiness when the final project is completed.

Homeowners need to remember that materials can look very different in a showroom than they do in your actual space as lighting, color, etc. can impact how the product looks in one space compared to another.

Take your time, of course, but also bring the actual samples of materials and colors to the place itself. You might see different colors when they come together in the lighting of your space.

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The Most Fatal Mistake in Kitchen Renovating

A successful kitchen remodel requires an end goal and vision. Decide what your life—and your family’s life—will look like in this new space, because the kitchen must perform to [meet] those ends. And some mistakes may lead to unpleasant experiences in the long run.

Most people ask what color goes with this material? What kind of finishes could you get for this budget? What kind of lining and corners are suitable for this and that? But rarely do people ask where to find good designers and which companies they can trust with cabinets.

Choosing a good and experienced designer is the difference between reliable, suitable, good kitchen and at best mediocre one. That is why most reviews of someone’s work fail.

Customers may think that their design is the final and budget is the limiting factor for that. In reality the “finalized” design is rarely the one that gets implemented at the end.

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