Home Decorating Tips

Home Decorating Tips

Sometimes getting the finishing touches right is much more difficult than choosing the color of a bathroom tile or flooring. About how to decorate an apartment simply, quickly and modernly – today in our article

It can be directed to several goals, which are conditionally divided into functional and aesthetic. D├ęcor not only beautifies your home, it also helps organize space, set accents, and even make you healthier.

#1: Flowers

For example, the fashion for eco-decor, popular in the last few seasons, helps to relax and make the atmosphere in the house more cheerful. Place plants in the workplace – they help to concentrate. In general, many decorators are of the opinion that the more green decor in the interior, the better. But if you are not ready to take care of houseplants, then we advise you to hang pictures or put textiles with floral prints.

#2: Dark window frames | Home Decorating Tips

The dark color of the frames is a rather unusual decision, which so far few dare. Everyone is used to the standard white color. However, the choice of dark paint has its advantages. Ash, purple or even black frames contrast favorably with the general plain background of the room.

#3: More light!

Fluorescent vanity lamps, LED ceiling lamps, table lamps for reading, candles for creating a romantic mood – all this so that you can create the right atmosphere in your home at any time. Keep this in mind when decorating the room. Pay attention to light paper lanterns. By hanging several of these lanterns from the ceiling, you will be surprised how airy the room will seem.

#4:Place books everywhere

Open shelves or racks with transparent glass doors can be filled with books. The main thing is to lay them out in small beautiful piles, complementing them with flowers, frames or candlesticks, and not mindlessly stuffing a bookcase with orderly rows of encyclopedic volumes. This is where functionality fades into the background.

#5: Transfiguration | Home Decorating Tips

Sometimes an old table that was inherited from your grandmother is too expensive to throw away, but not good enough to leave in your apartment. Try to color it (maybe even more than once). So different-sized tables and chairs will become a single set of furniture.

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