Fireplace Renovations and Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Renovations and Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace renovations and fireplace inserts When the weather outside is cold, nothing can be quite as warm and cozy as sitting in front of the fireplace. Whether you’re interested in renovating to include a brand new fireplace or would like to remodel your existing fireplace, you want to make sure you pick the right type of fireplace for your tastes.

fireplace renovations and fireplace insertsMasonry Fireplaces

If you own an older home and you have a fireplace, it might be a masonry fireplace. Masonry fireplaces are usually built into the house and are made of materials like bricks, stone, or mortar. They typically have a masonry chimney. Masonry fireplaces create a classic-looking hearth, but they might need to be more modern-looking. If you’re not interested in purchasing or dealing with wood, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are becoming the more popular choice among homeowners. Flick a switch, and the fire is on! You can still enjoy the warmth of a fire without having to worry about burning solid fuel. That means no firewood to stack, no ashes to clean out and no smoke getting into your house. Gas fireplaces can give the same ambience as a wood-burning masonry fireplace and produce a fair amount of heat. Calgary fireplace companies specialize in the installation, service and maintenance of natural gas fireplaces, including installing natural gas inserts in your existing masonry wood-burning fireplace. They can also provide services for wood-burning inserts.

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation

When you install a gas insert, venting will be installed in the existing chimney. A fireplace company would help you choose an insert based on the size of your firebox. If you don’t already have gas running to your fireplace, they will install a new gas line. You can include log sets to go into your fireplace that emulates the look of real burning logs. You can change the finishing work on your fireplace to stone or tile, but you cannot change the firebox itself.

One of the benefits of having a gas insert is that it requires minimal maintenance beyond an annual inspection. Your gas insert will produce no ash or creosote. You can also control the heating in your house and contribute to energy savings by turning up the fireplace in the room you are in and lowering the thermostat in other parts of the house. Beyond that, they burn at high efficiency, which means your fire burning will produce very little smoke or pollution.

Fireplace Renovations & Replacements

If you’re building a new home or doing a major home renovation, you might want to install a gas or wood-burning fireplace. Suppose you’re installing a fireplace in your existing home. In that case, a cavity will have to be created, and venting will have to be installed, either with a chimney or another outside vent. A professional Elegant Kitchen & Bath can do all of the framing and finishing work, including tile and stone, any necessary drywall work and all permitting.

If you already have a fireplace but would rather replace it completely… Rather than just installing a gas or wood insert. Installing a new fireplace would include the demolition of your existing fireplace in the renovation. Replacing your fireplace entirely will give you more to choose from, including high-end quality gas fireplaces, gas inserts and freestanding stoves. You can also choose your style from traditional fireplaces or contemporary and timeless wood-burning stoves.

When considering fireplace renovations, homeowners often think about updating their old fireplaces to enhance the room’s aesthetic and functionality. One popular option for many is wood fireplace renovations. These renovations can include replacing old, inefficient wood-burning fireplaces with newer, more efficient models or even converting them to gas while maintaining the classic wood-burning appearance.

For those seeking a more modern twist, electric fireplace renovations are an increasingly popular choice. Electric fireplaces offer a clean, efficient, and easy-to-install option. They can mimic the look of traditional fireplaces without the need for venting and are perfect for homes where installing a chimney is impractical.

Fireplace makeover ideas can range from simple cosmetic changes like repainting or retiling the surround to more extensive renovations like changing the entire fireplace unit or converting it from wood-burning to gas. The makeover can significantly alter the look and feel of a room, making the fireplace a focal point or seamlessly integrating it with the existing decor.

For those who are comfortable with DIY renovations, hiring fireplace remodel contractors is advisable. These professionals can assess the existing structure, suggest the best course of action, and carry out the renovation work. They ensure that the renovation complies with local building codes and safety standards, which is especially important when dealing with fireplaces.


Whether you are looking at fireplace renovations for aesthetic reasons or to improve efficiency and safety, there are numerous options available to suit different styles and budgets. A well-thought-out renovation can transform an outdated fireplace into a beautiful and functional feature that enhances the comfort and value of your home.

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