Draw Your Own Kitchen

Draw Your Own Kitchen

With the help of an architect or designer, instead of realizing the designs of your dreams, you can design at home with your own means. Draw Your Own Kitchen is an application whose idea has been realized with years of experience in mind. The shape of your kitchen; I, L, U or corridor can be shaped like a kitchen. If you want to create a kitchen in the form of an island or a half-island, before starting the design, you should decide on its shape. The measurements of the area covered by your kitchen are effective in choosing the floor covering. After choosing the type of kitchen, all the accessories and materials related to the kitchen come to you.

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In order for your open kitchen preference to be a part of the living room, such as a sample kitchen. The kitchen cabinet and the colors in the living room should be in close tones to Apr, you should create a bright kitchen with a perfect design and placement in a niche area. With this design, you can have an open kitchen that looks like a natural part of the living room.

Before starting the design process, the most important thing is to understand how the kitchen will be used. So, this is a basic approach that any architect should take. A kitchen can no longer be a space or a space to be defined at the end of a project. Designers should understand that a kitchen has several flows and different workspaces that must be integrated throughout the entire project.

Beyond the style or design desired by the customer, it is important to define a module to optimize performance and minimize the production costs of different parts. This way, the measurements of all the components of a kitchen are adjusted before defining the space to place them.

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