Don’t Rush Decisions When You Renew Your Kitchen

Don’t Rush Decisions When You Renew Your Kitchen

You’re finally in the market for a new kitchen, the one you’ve always wanted, your dream kitchen, but then you started doing research and feel the anxiety every homeowner feels when they realize the endless possibilities that exist when remodeling a kitchen. While kitchens can come in endless varieties based on size, budget, and taste, the decision to pursue a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be any more stressful than it needs to be. Below, we offer you a kitchen remodel guide to help you understand the best ways for starting a kitchen remodel with a high quality kitchen designer.

Fortunately, the design process for a major remodel does not rest on your shoulders. Kitchen designers are specialists trained not only to help you through renovation projects and create kitchen design for your kitchen based on your input but also to walk you through the potential impacts of various decisions and how the design and installation process will unfold. The talent of kitchen designers, which are different from interior designers, is that they provide an overall vision for the project and help to determine what new appliances, cabinetry, hardware, and other fixtures will complement each other to make your kitchen as functional, beautiful, and enjoyable as possible.

Renew Your Kitchen

Factors You Will Need To Consider

Cabinets are Critical:

Cabinets may seem like relatively simple and innocuous storage areas, but the right new kitchen cabinets makes your space livable and harmonizes with the other components. In order to integrate your cabinets into the overall design scheme and create a functional kitchen, there are various characteristics you need to evaluate for your new space. First step is what style of cabinet would you like? The major style considerations are relative to the door shape: inset, framed or frameless. Inset cabinet doors fit within the cabinet frame for a seamless transition. framed cabinets have an additional frame supporting the door to the cabinet, which adds extra support. Frameless cabinets lack the frame and many find them to have a sleeker look, as is popular in Europe and the US with potential buyers

You will also need to consider the style of the door frame. Here are some style options: shaker, which has a rectangular inlay; slab, which is a solid piece of wood; recessed panel, which has a beveled inlay. There are also doors that have special moldings attached or ornate trim work on the edges that will often require custom fabrication.

Renew Your Kitchen

In addition to the door style, the composition of the door is also important. Cabinets can be constructed entirely from wood, but often they will be made from a variety of products including wood, plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), or particle board with various quality materials. The cabinet doors, particularly with custom cabinets, will generally be made of wood. The type of wood used will affect the look, durability, staining types and cost of the cabinets. Wood choices include cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany or oak, with maple being considered one of the best but one of the most expensive cabinet wood choices.

Often time is the investment people aren’t able to make to get themselves the best kitchen for the best price.

Plan carefully, get professional help making your selections and learn about the products you are considering. If you give yourself a little more time, your kitchen can be a place that will lift your spirits each and every time you enter it.

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