Danger Of A Leaky Roof

Danger Of A Leaky Roof

Do you know about the danger of a leaky roof? If you suspect you have a leak in your roof and that water is getting into your ceiling and wall, you need to do something about it immediately.  Signs of water damage include peeling paint, stains on the ceiling or walls, sagging or warped surfaces and a musky or mildew smell.

danger of a leaky roof

Water can cause a lot of damage to your home and increase the risk of health hazards too.  If you have a leak you should contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect and repair the leak.

Even if it is the middle of winter, Elegant Kitchen & Bath can give it a temporary fix that will hold you off until spring, or if need be, they have the experience, tools and expertise to install a new roof entirely.

Here are some dangers of ignoring your leaky roof:

Structural Deterioration:

If your roof has a leak, the first place water is going to enter in the attic or the ceiling. As water seeps through the ceiling, it may drip straight onto the attic floor damaging the insulation and causing mould problems. It damages everything in its path from the underside of the roof decking to a wall and then down along the framing. Over time, the wet wood develops rot and loses its strength.  The roof can begin to sag.

Health Hazards:

Bacteria, fungi and mold can quickly grow- with a day or two of a water related issue.  Mold can be especially harmful to your health and can lead to serious health issues such as nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammations and asthma. It is especially harmful to those with allergies or illnesses that affect their immune system.  If you suspect you have mold already, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Decreased Energy Efficiency:

Have you noticed that your electricity bill has skyrocketed ever since you got a leak? A high utility bill is another side effect of a leaking roof, as water intrusion caused by it is detrimental to the insulation in the attic area. If your cellulose or fiberglass insulation comes in contact with water, it tends to get saturated. It takes a long time for this to dry out and loses a lot of its insulating properties.

In order to avoid further damage to your home and health, deal with your leaky roof as soon as possible.  An Elegant Kitchen & Bath from RenovationFind.com will be able to inspect the issue and provide a solution.

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