Bathroom Products, How To Decide?

Bathroom Products, How To Decide?

First of all, you should determine the color of your bathroom. White and light colors are mostly preferred in simple and elegant bathrooms. Dark colors are assertive colors and their designs are more difficult. However, when the right products are preferred, a very impressive bathroom can be created in dark colors.

If ceramic or paint is to be used, their color is preferred.

Then, suitable shower system, faucets and even toilet bowl colors should be preferred.

Light colors and colored batteries, for example black batteries, can be preferred. This will create a beautiful image as it will create contrast. However, the color of the selected battery should also be used in all other batteries.

It is more difficult to use light-colored products in bathrooms with a dark background. It is recommended to continue with contrasts of different colors of dark colors. For example, if there is an anthracite background, gray, dark gray, in some places dark wood and black products can be used.

Choosing Products

The bathroom cabinet color can be combined according to these colors.

The choice of mirror in the bathroom is very important. A mirror with a beautiful shape or color can change the concept and make the bathroom look very beautiful. In short, lighting also has a very important place in the bathroom. If products with angular lines are used in the design, it would be more appropriate to use a square or rectangular mirror, and for products with round lines, it would be more appropriate to use mirrors with round lines.

In addition to these, we would like to point out that the quality of the products you will use will also reflect the quality of your bathroom.

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