A Useful and Aesthetic Basement

A Useful and Aesthetic Basement

Looking for basement ideas to turn that unused space under your home into something incredible? Perhaps you want an extra bedroom for guests or a stylish place to entertain, or a cute den-like living room to watch movies? Whatever your basement dreams, leaving it as a dingy dungeon or dumping ground for holiday decor and ski equipment is a waste of valuable square footage! Why not create extra living space for your home instead? A basement conversion can boost the size of your home whether you excavate to create it or remodel it to turn an existing one into usable space.


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Grab your favorite page-turner, and hunker down away from all the tech terrors and screen strain, with a gorgeous reading nook idea. A must for book lovers, create a curl-up and switch-off space with a plethora of plump, soft, and super squishy scatter pillows, an ambient reading light, and open shelves or a DIY bookshelf, stacked with a library of literary lovelies.

Shown here, we love this inviting built-in reading nook cocoon – it has dive-in appeal and offers an unexpected yet wonderful addition (almost a room within a room) to the overall basement design and layout.

Look for clever workarounds of mechanical systems or ductwork in finished basement spaces. This cozy niche for reading or lounging was created around some existing mechanical and structural elements. The lowered ceiling in the nook looks natural to the larger space and also makes a detached, comfortable and quiet alcove in the larger basement TV room. Dark blue/black paint deepens the moodiness. Recessed and decorative lighting help accent the walls and provide the right setting for curling up with a good book. Practically speaking, the seating area also doubles as a twin-sized guest bed, with a mattress tucked under the custom cushions, that can be used for overflow house guests or late nights.


word2 | Elegant Kitchen and Bath | A Useful and Aesthetic Basement | A Useful and Aesthetic Basement

Layering your room can be as easy as adding a few comfy pillows, blankets… And even a rug to anchor it all together. While most people just shop and go… I challenge you to think about the textures and colors behind your pieces – it goes a long way in creating that comfy, ‘I could dive in and stay here all day” feeling! My best tip here is not to be afraid to mix and match your favorite seasonal colors to compliment your room. Pillows, blankets, and rugs are pieces that can be interchangeable… Giving your room a fresh, new home feel with every addition! Also, if you’re like us, our downstairs is a high-traffic area, so using a large area rug can not only cozy up and anchor the room, but it keeps your flooring safe!

#3. CREATE A SECRET ROCK STAR HANGOUT | A Useful and Aesthetic Basement

word2 | Elegant Kitchen and Bath | A Useful and Aesthetic Basement | A Useful and Aesthetic Basement

Have you always dreamt of a rock and roll lifestyle? Crowd surf sofas in your very own escape space, and lockout everyday stresses… With an after-party chillout zone where all the cool cats… (And perhaps, early mid-life crisis cats) can relax or silent disco all night long.

To achieve a rock star look, you’ll need a bar cabinet or DIY bar cart with attitude… Moody lighting galore (it’s all about creating a sultry atmosphere), and a prized collection of iconic… So album cover worthy framed artworks in a gallery wall idea formation. And obviously, not forgetting a stellar built-in music system.

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