A Comfortable and Spacious Bathroom Design

A Comfortable and Spacious Bathroom Design

Large bathrooms provide the luxury of space – to include more features geared to your lifestyle and to create a haven of indulgent relaxation. It’s the opportunity to include a glamorous freestanding tub, perhaps positioned in the center of the room so that its beautiful shape can be enjoyed to the maximum. Or perhaps you want a double shower to share with your partner, or wellness features such as a sauna?

Double sinks will give couples a sense of personal space, while a generous vanity offers storage so that lotions and potions are close to hand. There are plenty of bathroom ideas to help you plan your space; the key is to consider your priorities before you start designing your room so that you can include the elements most suited to your requirements.

Below, we showcase the best spacious bathroom ideas, so that your space feels inviting and practical.

Spacious Bathroom Ideas:

If you have a large bathroom, you may be looking for ways to make the most of the generous space. This could be choosing the best master bathroom ideas to make your bedroom and bathroom suite a retreat from the rest of the family. Perhaps you are looking for clever family bathroom ideas, or maybe you are considering a spa bathroom dedicated to unwinding and wellness? Whatever your needs, designing a large bathroom well is key to ensuring it feels inviting, despite its size. Below, we showcase the best large bathroom ideas to show you how.

#1. Install Double Basins To Create Space For All

With a Spacious bathroom, you generally have more choice about where you position all the elements and space to create a comfortable space. Separate freestanding basins give each partner their personal space. As well as being practical, they also create splendid focal points and create a wonderful symmetry in the design scheme.

Note the bathroom rug idea – and the bathroom wallpaper – both serve to create a welcoming scheme that echoes bedroom decor. Another trick is to introduce bathroom art ideas, again decorating a bathroom like you would a bedroom enhances its appeal.

#2. Create A Focal Point In A Large Bathroom

A freestanding bath needs space to show off its sculptural shape and highlight its role as the eye-catching centerpiece of a beautiful large bathroom. Also matches the style of the architecture in the rest of the room and creates a sense of inviting and comfortness. The bathroom paint idea behind the tub helps to showcase the bath’s profile beautifully, too.

Don’t be shy about decorating with mirrors in a large bathroom – particularly if your space is a little starved of natural light or is painted a dark color. Note, though, how the wall lights in this bathroom have cream-beige shades; this is purposeful, creating warm pools of light that will reflect further into the mirrors for a welcoming, warm feel – a must in a large bathroom.

#3. Mix Materials To Create Interest | A Comfortable And Spacious Bathroom Design

The choice of two flooring materials in this bathroom, featuring the Flow collection, serves to do more than simply delineate the bathing and hand washing zones – it also adds a degree of design flair and textural contrast that elevates the interest in a large space, which might otherwise be in danger of lacking warmth or personality.

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