5 Ways To Remodeling Your Basement

How do you update an old basement?

On the way to a successful remodeling for your basement ther e is last but not least important detail – remodelling project. The first goal of any basement remodel is to decide how to finish the large surfaces: flooring, walls, and ceiling. The more the new space blends in with the rest of the home or shines with its own personality, the easier it will be to forget the dank, dark, musty image, and to obtain the same feelings of warmth and comfort as the rest of the house.

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Remodeling Your Basement

#1 Freshen up with new paint:

Sometimes obtaining great result may be as simple as choosing a modern colour palette, painting the walls, trim,and doors to give the room update. In case if you have old school wood panelling, giving it a coat of bright white paint can take your space from dark and dank, to open an airy over a weekend.

Lighter colours can make the room feel more significant, but it doesn’t have to be bland and beige! Consider neutral tones like greys or white and highlight your design with bright artwork that pops. Try creating an interior design that features furniture pieces that add visual excitement like a turquoise coloured couch, or hot pink bar stools and a matching rug.

Remember, you can paint over anything, even concrete, so you can update those walls or barren floors with exciting new colours. Get creative!


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#2 Give A Modern Loft Look:

Nowadays, many homeowners love the “industrial” look, as evidenced by many loft conversions being built and sold. As a result you get a modern look in your basement, and best of all, it is affordable and aesthetically beautiful.

In a case if your basement has a low ceiling, painting the exposed joists, ductwork, electrical wires and conduits white can give the impression of extra ceiling height.  By the same token, if you have plenty of height in the basement, painting the same joists and utilities black can make the ceiling “disappear”.

One of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to finish a basement ceiling is a monochromatic ceiling disguises the pipes and ductwork. It’s a popular technique in urban spaces like lofts, restaurants, coffee houses, and shops.

#3 Upgrade Lighting:

Lighting can overcome a myriad of negative issues such as lack of natural light and low ceilings, unless you have plenty of windows.

Your basement lighting is like any other lighting in your home. By creating a lighting design that incorporates task, ambient, and accent lighting, you may need more, in case your basement is in lack of natural light.

For a wet bar or kitchen areas recessed and under-cabinet lighting works well so you can enjoy your food and drinks. A pendant or chandelier hanging over a table is not only functional; it’s attractive. Also consider adding accent lighting like a stand of bare-bulb light for some extra zest.

#4 Improve Flooring When You Are Remodeling Your Basement:

Flooring is able to have a tremendous impact while remodelling your basement. Choose a polished hardwood, high-quality engineered wood, porcelain, stone, or ceramic tile, or if you have concrete floors, consider using a treatment like acid washing or polishing the floor to create a sophisticated and reflective surface. So to reach the goal, reflect light to brighten the area, and as you have noticed there are plenty of options.

In the past, carpeting was traditionally the floor covering of choice for a chilly basement. However , if you have the budget, you can keep the basement cozy by installing radiant floor heat. You can use radiant systems with tile, stone, hardwood, or cork flooring.

#5 Upgrade Finished Basement Amenities:

Finally, another way of upgrading your basement is to install new appliances and amenities. For example, changing your old outdated vanity to the new one. Upgrading from laminate countertops to quartz or natural stone in the kitchenette.

Updating or renovating your old, finished basement can give you the extra space you need to meet today’s lifestyle. Adding a media room, or refinishing the space to build your dream man cave, a finished basement is an affordable upgrade that will add value to your home and provide years of enjoyment for the entire family!

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