5 Things To Look For in a General Contractor

5 Things To Look For in a General Contractor

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A renovation is an exciting time. Or rather, it should be. Having the right general contractor on your side can make or break a project. The best way to ensure that your renovation project goes smoothly and is as stress-free as possible is to hire the right general contractor right away.

Elegant Kitchen & Bath in Northern Virginia specializes in commercial and residential renovations. Here they share five things to look for when hiring a contractor for your home project.

#1: Experience

It’s important to always hire an experienced general contractor for your home renovation project. Inexperienced general contractors may mean well. However, they lack the expertise that comes with years of experience. Contractors learn valuable lessons and improve their skills over many years in business. They’re unlikely to be in business for very long if they don’t! At the end of the day, experienced contractors make wiser and more informed decisions, offer better advice, and have happier customers.

#2: Responsive

If you already feel like you’re chasing after a contractor before the contract has even been signed, it’s best to find someone else. Tardy replies- or no replies at all are huge red flags. A contractor who is unresponsive during the consultation process likely won’t be very responsive during the renovation. On the other hand, professional contractors always reply within 12-24 hours, regardless of how busy they are. It’s part of running an organized and reputable business.

#3: Positive References

A long list of happy past clients is the most significant indicator of a quality general contractor. Consequently, you should always ask for references before choosing a contractor for your project. It’s essential to ask for a minimum of three referrals instead of relying on online reviews. After all, online reviews can be faked. Additionally, it’s wise to ask for references from the contractor’s last three clients. That way, they can’t cherry pick their best jobs, and you’ll get a more rounded idea of the work they offer.

#4: Qualifications

The right qualifications are essential. A prospective general contractor should have the right business licensing, insurance, and WCB coverage. If a contractor doesn’t have these, don’t hire them. Some companies have additional verifications, such as from the Better Business Bureau and RenovationFind.

#5: Personality

You will have a lot of conversations with your general contractor during your renovation. Consequently, it’s crucial that you get along. If you don’t connect with a contractor during the consultation process (or worse, you get a bad feeling), then it’s probably not the right fit. Trust your gut. A positive relationship with your renovation team makes the whole process more enjoyable and less stressful. All in all, it’s worth extra time to find the right contractor for your project.

General Contractors in Vancouver:

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word3 | Elegant Kitchen and Bath | 5 Things To Look For in a General Contractor | 5 Things To Look For in a General Contractor



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