2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is the true sanctuary of the home. It’s a place to get peace, privacy, and hopefully relax. So, design is of the utmost importance in these spaces. 2022 was an interesting year for bathroom design because many people were finally finishing up projects they began in previous years but were stalled due to the challenge of supply chain issues that occurred during the pandemic. So older trends and styles that perhaps would have started to wane by now are currently having a longer stretch as homeowners are finally getting to enjoy them.

In 2023, bathroom design will be more important than ever. Whether you are currently in the process of designing a new bathroom or just trying to refresh an old one, here are ten bathroom design trends that interior designers predict we will see in 2023.


 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

Terrazzo has been a major resurrection in recent years because it has a fun, retro vibe. We love using terrazzo in the bathroom. It is such a unique way to elevate the space and add a chic pattern. In one of our recent projects we incorporated fluted terrazzo tiles on the walls and a large flat square terrazzo tile, which create depth and add texture.

If you’re looking to enhance a bathroom with a neutral palette, the designers tell me installing terrazzo is the perfect way to make a statement about being too overpowering.

Bold Tile:

2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

Every bathroom needs tile, so why not go bold? Gone are the days of the boring all-white bathroom. The bathroom is the perfect place to go bold with tile and let your personality shine.

Also that bold tile in the shower creates a focal point in the room and instantly elevates it. We love using bold patterned tiles in the bathroom. It adds an element of playfulness and allows you to incorporate fun textures into your space.

Colorful Sinks:

word1 | Elegant Kitchen and Bath | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

Colorful sinks will make a major comeback in 2023. A big trend we are seeing in bathrooms are non-traditional, colorful sinks. Using a bright color for a powder room sink is one of the best ways to maximize the design and truly elevate a small space.

Colorful sinks are an especially good choice for powder rooms because they pop in a smaller space, creating a focal point. Pair a colorful sink with a bold paint for the walls, which adds even more drama and creates a jewel box in the bathroom.

Natural Materials:

word1 | Elegant Kitchen and Bath | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

Say goodbye to synthetic sinks and vanities in 2023. Bathrooms will be incorporating more natural and imperfect materials. Warm, inviting bathrooms are a must-have for 2023. That means using natural materials like tumbled, brush, or honed stone, wood, and handmade tiles like zellige.

Stone and travertine sinks as a major part of this. The sink is such a big opportunity to do something special in the bathroom and installing a stone bathroom sink can really define the space and make a beautiful statement.

Zellige Tile: | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

word1 | Elegant Kitchen and Bath | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation | 2023 Trends in Bathroom Renovation

Zellige tile has a warmer texture and a more classic look than other types of tile. It just pops against a wall. I don’t see the trend going anywhere in 2023! It is a tile that has been used a lot in the last three years but due to its organic nature it has the ability to look great in everything from a character home to a new build. It is also a relatively budget-friendly option that is readily accessible in an era of longer than normal lead-times, and with so many available color options it is still a great choice in bathroom design.

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