2023 Bathroom Trends

2023 Bathroom Trends

After observing what has been exposed in the most recent exhibitions, we have been able to come up with what we believe will be some of the 2023 tile trends for bathrooms.

2023 bathroom trends

Here are 2023 Bathroom Trends!

#1 Large Formats:

Contemporary bathroom designs with wooden cabinets and large-format tiling on the walls and floors. One of the major trends for walls last year was large format tiling. It continues to be chosen this year and is becoming more frequently used on the floor. Any tile larger than 12 inches is referred to as a large format tile. There are long format tiles that can mimic planks on walls or floors, as well as rectangular large format tiles that can be 12 inches by 24 inches. Large tiles have a simple, simplistic appearance that enlarges the sense of space.


#2 Marble Look:

Natural stones such as marble tend to give any bathroom a more elegant and sophisticated appearance. Marble look tiles have been used in bathrooms for a long time, and will definitely be a 2023 tile trend. Marble look tiles are available in a wide variety of patterns. From our Slab series Sahara Noir, a black marble with striking white veins, as well as traditional white marbles like Calacatta Light and Calacatta Gold, will be 2023 tile trends. Use marbles like Marble Nouveau, Topzaio, or Fossil if you want to replicate some of the other trendy bathroom hues of the year, such as blues, greens, and earthy tones.


#3 Wood Look:

Bathroom design inspired in wood look tiles will likewise be a 2023 tile trend. Since real wood is susceptible to damage from dampness and water in bathrooms, using wood-look alternatives like porcelain planks can be a popular substitute. They provide the cosiness and organic appearance of wood without the upkeep or wear and tear. Wood-look tile planks can be utilised in the shower as well as on the floor and the walls. For added interest, arrange them in straight rows like a wood floor, stack them against the walls, or make patterns like herringbone or chevron. Stacking wood-look tiles vertically on the walls will provide a calming and distinctive appearance. Because they are long-format, wood-look tiles also help fit other trends.

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