Maximise Your Kitchen Space

Maximise Your Kitchen Space

Use your kitchen storage maximized and efficiency by space making design.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a kitchen that feels cluttered. It is supposed to be a place where two or more people work and cook for themselves a hearty meal, where you should be free of actions rather than a place that feels disorganised and messy. And cooking became some kind of challenge. And this makes sense especially for small kitchens.

Does your pint-sized kitchen leave you starved for storage and counter space? These space saving solutions will show you how to use every square inch of your kitchen more efficiently.

Add Counter Space Over Your Sink

A brilliant solution is to add a bit of extra prep space  with a cover for your sink. THere are plenty of affordable over-the-sink boards that will give you a bit of extra room when your sink is not in use.

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As a homeowner we understand the pain of customers when we see designs that will not work in real life. Those mostly made by customers themselves, or less knowledgeable designers. Quite often these designs create a kitchen space so tight that they simply don’t work. Something that appears in a design doesn’t mean that it actually fits and works.

Designers without training believe that 38″ of space between work countertops, in front of refrigerators, or in the back of islands is adequate. Untrained designers neglect to include the 11/2 inches that countertops overhang base cabinets making their tiny spaces more ridiculous.

However, in reality 48″ is theNKBA(National Kitchen and Bath Association) recommended MINIMUM clearance for these spaces.

So by making design of your kitchen space, design must match and  follow the rules rather than making things a little tighties. Best solution would be to contact experienced professionals of their business. 

In ELEGANT KITCHEN AND BATH, Our professional sales and design team has over 15 years of combined experience and knowledge and will help you create your kitchen and bathroom remodelling dreams.

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