Kitchen Cabinet Renovation: Custom or Manufactured?

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation: Custom or Manufactured?

One of the best investments in your house is kitchen renovation. With the help of professionals you will avoid most of the pitfalls. But there are still things that you have to consider and know to make most out of your money. One of them is the type of cabinets you buy: Custom Made or Manufactured.

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  1. Custom Made cabinets
  2. Custom Manufactured cabinets

Custom Made Cabinets

These are considered the most luxurious and the most beautiful pieces. Hand crafted and finished in a local shop, they are the most expensive option.


Depending on the capabilities of a shop, the sky really is the limit here. You can express yourself in any given way or fashion. There are literally no limits to what kind of outcome you want, from antique looking all the way to hyper futuristic.

If you want your kitchen to look like a spacecraft, you can have that (given enough budget, that is).

The furniture will be made with the utmost care and quality. The smallest details, like the back of the cabinets you will never see, are done with true craftsmanship and care. 

  • Again depending on the capabilities of your local shop, they might not be able to produce the quality you want(e.g. simply for the lack of machinery).
  • Costs – Human labor will always be more costly in almost any field you can think of. But considering the quality and whether you like it might actually make it a benefit.
  • Time costs – Mass manufacturing is exactly that, massed. The usual amount of time required for an order at your local shop is around 10 weeks or over 2 months, which could affect your schedule for the worst.

Always ask. Find out how long they’ve been in business and ask to see a project that is older to see how it has held up over time and check out one currently in production in the shop.

Custom Manufactured Cabinets


  • Trusted by time. There are many good companies that have been around for almost a century, and for a good reason. The reputation always follows the quality and services.
  • Custom made – doesn’t mean that they are ready to be delivered to you. They still make them according to your measurements, it’s just that they have limited options of materials and processing of them.
  • Machined quality – though humans put their souls into their work, the outcome might have some small errors. Whereas finishes made by a machine are of an outstanding quality.
  • Price – here you can really see the variety. Usually it depends on the materials and finishes you choose. But the work done by a machine is the deciding factor. Machines do it faster and more consistently

Making a final decision about which type of cabinetry is right for you has as much to do with what you need and want as it does the budget.

It’s different for every client, which is why kitchen design is so personal.

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