When is the Best Time For Basement Remodelling?

When is the Best Time of Year For Basement Remodelling?

Customers often ask whether there is a certain time of year homeowners should consider finishing their basement in. The answer really depends on you and type of work will be done. Believe it or not, yes, basements can be finished even in winter. As with anything, there are pros and cons to each season of the year but many basement finishing companies are able to work year round.

What Time of Year Should I Remodel My Basement?  Best Time For Basement Remodeling

First of all, you should note that spring and summer are the busiest seasons for companies. So, contractor availability can be a huge contributing factor for deciding what time of year to pursue a basement remodelling project. It is always best to plan out large projects of this scale in advance. We suggest discussing any specific timelines or deadlines with your contractor at the beginning of the project to help gauge which time of year will be best for you.

Winter for Basement Remodelling

Winter may seem discouraging because of the cold weather and snow but working on a winter basement remodel has many pros as well. Completing your basement remodel in the winter ensures that you will have a cool basement for the spring and summer season and can enjoy the hotter summer months with a fully renovated, cooler area. There are many home projects that may require warmer weather, but basement finishing and remodelling isn’t one of them. Some basement finishing companies will even tell you that winter is the best time of the year to finish your basement.


Spring is also a very popular season for home renovations. With “spring cleaning” in full swing, homeowners are working hard to get their homes ready for summer. However,the fact that it is a busy season may not make it ideal if you are working. Contractor availability may be limited. Spring is also known for its afternoon rain showers. Although most basement remodels are mostly done with inside work, weather can always cause delays if any exterior work is needed. With all this in mind, if spring is your go-to season, work with your contractor and discuss your needs and specific timeline.


Many homeowners opt for finishing their basement during the summer season. With kids out of school, parents may feel that they have more time to deal with a large home renovation. One major con is the fact that since many homeowners go with a summer basement remodel, it is considered a busy season. This may cause a delay in the completion of the project or a spike in prices for materials. A plus is that contractors do not have to worry about snow or freezing temperatures. However, you should ensure your basement is waterproofed prior to remodelling.


Fall seems to be one of the best seasons to work on your finished basement. With fall comes amazing, cooler weather and rarely do you need to worry about rain, snow, or extreme heat. Contractors are usually very busy in the summer months and tend to slow down during the fall. This means you may have more flexibility when it comes to working with your basement contractor and your schedule. If you want to use your basement during the holidays for family time, movie nights, or even a party… Working on it during the fall would assure that you have your dream space by the time the holidays roll around.

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