Bathroom Renovation Time, How Long?

Bathroom Renovation Time, How Long?

How many days do you do the bathroom renovations? The questions asked most by those who want to do a bathroom renovation are the questions: “How many days do the bathroom renovation, how many days will it take to repair the bathroom”.

How many days will it take to repair the bathroom to give you a little bit of information, We can say:
The time taken to repair the bathroom varies according to the customer’s demands, depending on the work carried out during the renovation and decoration. If we continue to do not crimea in the bathroom renovation process, we will save time and budget by laying new tiles and ceramics on the old tiles. Since there are no Crimea, rubble handling and plastering jobs, we reduce bathroom renovation time. And we’ll be free of the cost of doing this.

How Is The Process?

However, bathroom renovations and decorations in this way can bring serious problems. As well as significant savings in time and budget. But the problem is if the old bathroom tiles are not intact. They are on the rise, the cracks, or other problems tile and ceramic are inconclusive in the long term. Possible wiring failure and water leakage will occur in the future as water and electrical installation will be replaced due to no Crimea breaking in negatives will be more difficult and costly.

Bathroom renovation can vary between 7 and 15 days, including all renovations and assembly.

Here’s what we can do about the bathroom renovations:
Crimea is done on the first day. After the post-Crimea debris is moved out, plumbing and electrical installation is laid out. We can say that these things will last a maximum of 3 days. After the break, Siva and we can start with the ceramics.

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