Bathroom: A Story About Why We Love Being In It

Bathroom: A Story About Why We Love Being In It


I was so eager to update this space that I actually tore out and sold all the original fixtures on FB Marketplace a month or so after we moved into the house.

Unfortunately, right after tearing out the original vanity/sink in preparation for our quick budget friendly bathroom facelift, the project got thrown to the back-burner so we could focus on getting the kitchen completed. (Because when you have to choose between getting your only kitchen completed and getting your extra guest bathroom done, you pick the kitchen). And then Covid hit…

The Renovation:

I’m not going to break down our reno process too much in this post as I plan to create several follow-up posts breaking down each of the many projects we tackled during this reno. (Not to mention this post would turn into EVEN MORE of a novel than it already is if I did.) But as a “quick” summary here’s a running list of the work done in here to give you an idea of the scope of work we completed in this space


  • Removed the existing cracked and broken floor tile.
  • Laid down new black mini-hex floor penny tiles.
  • Grouted floor with a black grout.
  • Applied wall moldings around the entire room with inset trim details and extra tall chunky new baseboards.
  • Replaced the existing bi-fold closet doors with a set of antique pocket doors
  • Hired a plumber to move the existing plumbing for the sink. (We needed to recenter it on the wall where our sink was going and update it to be more appropriate for a console style sink).
  • Moved the wiring for the junction box for the vanity light over a bit in order to better center it above where the new sink would be going.
  • Moved the wiring for the plug next to the sink over a tad so it wouldn’t run into our trim work.
  • Skim coated all the walls to knock down the existing wall texture a bit and smooth them out.
  • Wood filled, caulked and sanded all trim work in preparation for paint.

What I love most is that I feel like I was able to truly translate my weird old English gentleman’s club meets a cabinet of curiosities with a dash of art deco glamor and a good helping of craftsman charm inspo concept into reality! Like what a weird place to start, but what a cool place to end up? Which seems like a pretty cool slogan to live by if I do say so myself.

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